Pulau Aur Package - Sebukang Bay Resort





Conservation fund to Marine Park



Other Excitements at Pulau Aur

Note : Occasionally we receive requests with e-mail addresses that fail to work, leaving us unable to respond. It’s important to us that we reply with timely responses to any of your questions or concerns. If you do not receive a reply in three business days, please resubmit your inquiry.

Please contact us if you have minimum number of person which may grouped with other visitors.

Minimum 10 person per trip.

We accept group trip for companies, government department and agencies, statutory bodies, higher learning institutions, schools, clubs etc. Discounted price for more than 40 pax per group. Contact us for quotation and tailored activities.

FREE : Snorkeling gear rental for this year! Security deposit of RM20.00 per gear set is imposed and will be refunded when it is returned in good condition. Full payment will be charged for any lost of gear, its parts or damaged.